Monday, March 5, 2012

Life is short and precious.  This week our normal life went on hold to make way for remembering our grandpa.  My grandpa passed away this week and although it wasn't a shocking surprise it hurt nonetheless.
Some may say, well losing a grandparent isn't quite the same as losing a parent etc.  But I had a slightly different relationship which is very hard to define.  See, I am the product of a teenage mom and a deadbeat dad, so my grandfather stepped in a acted as protector and parental figure. So our relationship fell somewhere in the middle of those two things.  I had lived with my grandparents several times growing up for various reasons and even after my mom moved me to CA he and my grandma still made sure they saw us twice a year.  Shortly after I moved back to MI, my grandfather was moved back here as well, since his dementia was becoming more advanced and he was no longer able to adequately care for himself.    It was reassuring that for quite sometime he still knew who I was, granted the red hair is a bit of a dead give away.
So this week we mourned the loss.  This has been an interesting week with the kids because this is the first person they've lost that they have spent so much time with.  Both boys handled things very well, they were respectful and polite and not afraid to say when things were too much for them.
Clover on the other hand, had a very difficult time.  She was wonderful at being there for everyone who needed her.  Hopefully, as things progress this week back to normal she'll be able push through.
This week has made me realize just how much love is surrounding us all. 


  1. Wendy, I'm so sorry for your loss. When a close loved on passes it really causes us to take pause in our lives, to remember what is important, and to pull ourselves close to the people who love us most.